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LCN nails is an abbreviation of light concept gel nails. It is a cosmetic fingernail extension considered to be a superior alternative to acrylics. They are known for their lightweight flexibility and long lasting durability. LCN nails are free of harmful chemicals that damage nails. They are also considered to be the most realistic looking nail extensions because of their clarity and honey-like texture.


Body Treatments

Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Massage benefits can include:

  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension
  • Improving circulation, energy, and alertness.


It is essential to take care of face skin on a daily basis but then, once in a month or two a facial is must at a spa. And it is important because face skin is extremely delicate — a good care is surely a must for you. And here’s a quick guide to why are facials good for you

– It provides deep cleansing to your skin. In our rushed schedule, we end up skipping intensive cleansing — facial treatment helps you here.


Skin Add-Ons

Face masks have many benefits for your skin, depending on the type of face mask, and the skin concerns you’re trying to target. They tend to have a higher concentration of active ingredients that are needed to improve your skin’s health. Because of this concentration of active ingredients, face masks act quickly, and results can be seen almost instantly. Overall, using face masks once or twice a week can help improve the appearance of your skin, as well as the texture of your skin. Face masks tackle multiple skin concerns. Face masks can help deliver moisture to dry or dehydrated skin. They can contain hydroxy acids that help remove dead skin cells. They can also help remove excess oil, help clogged pores, reduce large pores, improve skin texture and skin tone, aging skin, but most importantly, masks help deliver glowing skin.


Lashes & Brows

Eyelash treatments are procedures or topical treatments that are applied in order that your lashes can look long, lush and beautiful. These procedures have their good points and have their bad points so it is always good to peg them side by side to know which ones are better suited for you.


Hair Removal

Whether you’re hitting the beach, gearing up for a workout, or trying to put together the perfect party look, nothing gets in the way quite like unwanted hair! That’s why there’s no time like the present to put an end to it once and for all. Fortunately, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can work wonders for getting rid of unwelcome hair on the face and body—these treatments are comfortable and require no downtime, but that’s not all. We’ve counted down the top 5 benefits of IPL hair removal treatments to help you enjoy the perks of being hair-free and stress-free!

1. Less hair growth.

2. It’s more effective.

3. No more razor burn.

4. Fewer ingrown hairs.

5. Save time.

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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

Relaxation Massage

Just like other styles of massage, the benefits of a relaxation massage usually last several days after receiving the treatment. It may not be the absolute cure for any health problem, but getting regular massage, specifically relaxation massage, can offer the following benefits:

  • Relieves back and neck pain  
  • Lowers blood pressure – at least for a while
  • Improves peripheral circulation
  • Improves skin tone and appearance
  • Improves gastrointestinal motility, hence improving bowel movement and overall digestion
  • Reduces muscle tension such as the relief of muscle tension headaches
Starting From $45

Hot Stone Massage

A popular form of massage therapy is Hot Stone Massage. Unlike traditional massages that utilize a massage therapist’s hands and tools such as tennis balls and foam rollers, hot stone massages utilize Basalt river rocks to apply heat to specific areas of tissue and act as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Basalt rocks are preferred for their smoothness and their ability to retain heat.

Starting From $95

Body Spa

Massage therapy provided in Spa are mostly for relaxation and also for musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapist carefully plans treatment for musculoskeletal pain after detailed discussion with their clients. Massage therapy is frequently combined with steam sauna before and after massage. Cosmetic treatment such as facial and skin therapy is preceded by treatment with steam sauna. Steam sauna helps to hydrate and soften skin

Starting From $130


Microdermabrasion is considered a safe procedure for most skin types and colors. People might choose to get the procedure if they have the following skin concerns:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation, age spots and brown spots
  • enlarged pores and blackheads
  • acne and acne scars
  • stretch marks
  • dull-looking skin complexion
  • uneven skin tone and texture
  • melasma
  • sun damage
Starting From $140

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